a message from the Artistic Director

Dear Friends of Music at Eden’s Edge,

When we welcome you each year to Eden’s Edge, we use words that imply a place or a location. So where is Eden’s Edge? Someone asked me this once, and it started my thinking about the name, the words themselves and their implied meaning. Since it is only on occasion (concerts) at an actual place in the world, maybe it is more of a concept, a place in the mind, a refuge into our best selves, an avenue of exploration? Perhaps a place of intellectual and emotional challenge, stimulus, and satisfaction. A destination which is not a location, but rather a state of seeking for whatever it is that draws a soul to great music.

What does the name mean? Originally, for me in 1982, when MEE began, it reflected the lush green beauty of the North Shore, where I was a new and grateful resident, a refugee from city life. Over the years, facing both the challenges of holding this organization together and also the challenges of performing literally hundreds of concerts, it has come to mean seeking perfection but always being at the edge of perfect, there being no attainable perfection, in any organization and certainly in any performing art. Maybe the center of perfection is elusive, but at the edge there is the wonder of glimpsing something just ahead, “a place just right.”

Finding the music is at the core, through study, practice, rehearsal and finally in performance for an audience. And then there are the human discoveries, like learning that MEE concerts inspired a young person to become a musician, satisfied someone’s emotional need, or helped someone in a difficult time. For players and listeners alike, the discovery includes getting to know musicians and listeners as we share in performing and hearing great music together as a community over the years, a truly parallel journey.

So, perhaps Eden’s Edge may be considered as a state of seeking, a performer-listener-performer journey of discovery through music, a process which is always challenging and sometimes touches the truly sublime. We are privileged to experience and to share this journey.

Please join MEE for our 2019 concert season, entering our 38th year of exploration, discovery and joy in the shared musical experience.

Maria Benotti