a message from the Artistic Director

Dear Friends of Music at Eden’s Edge,

Greetings and welcome to MEE’s 38th Chamber Concert Series. Yes, Music at Eden’s Edge has performed for 38 years, and we still are delighted to bring great music, dedicated musicians and creative programming to the North Shore region. Our home at The Congregational Church of Topsfield, where we have been welcomed since 2017, continues to please with its handsome, historic architecture and excellent acoustic.

So why Essential Seasonings? A musician friend commented to me recently that, oh yeah, nowadays this is what we have to do to get audiences interested…This took me aback for a moment! I actually enjoy framing the series with a title and a sort of theme. To me it does not limit our musical choices but rather opens up the imagination and invites listeners into the process of integrating music into daily life. Life requires a wide emotional range, including our need to experience passion, profundity, irony, fury and humor! So, for me, framing it this way includes you in the creative process of planning, preparing and presenting a concert or three!

Discovering, playing and sharing music is a really essential seasoning in my life, and I think it is a core value for all of us who play professionally and offer the MEE concerts. Like serious chefs, we try to prepare a feast for the ears, mind and soul of listeners. The menu (read program) requires variety and balance, excellent basic ingredients (read musical choices), and skillful care in the preparation (here read practice and rehearsal). The analogy is quite sound. It is our wish to offer you an evening of fascinating music, prepared at the highest level, memorable, meaningful and altogether delicious!

Music may be the food of love, at least according to Shakespeare in Twelfth Night, but to us at Eden’s Edge it is an essential staff of life: it nourishes, sustains and enriches our being. Come along as we season your musical life with Salt, Spice, Tang and Sweet! We are proud to offer our series again in 2019 and invite you to share in all the flavors of the feast!!

The concert happens when you are here. A rehearsal may be great, but when you arrive, there is a spark and a different atmosphere. You are the final essential seasoning. Thanks for joining us in 2019!

Maria Benotti